Meet Your Designer & Photographer: Anthony S. Torres

I'm Your Personal Point of Contact. Always. Located in Bloomfield, NJ.

Whether or not your web site, headshots, or other design and photography needs requires additional help, I am your point of contact. I personally work to make sure you get the very best here in Bloomfield, NJ.

Something I always disliked in the web design and commercial photography industry is when you start with one point of contact on a project, and during it, parts are outsourced and you're on the phone with someone you don't know, and who has very little invested in your business. I decided to take my years in web design project management in larger businesses and bring them to my own business.

You're welcome to check my background on LinkedIn, but I have over 15+ years of web design, graphic design, and photography experience combined with leading projects launched to millions of visitors, as well as working with local mom and pop shops to help them fit their budgets.

I have clients even do web hosting through me since I keep up on web site updates, and check-in to make sure they are getting the most out their site, and find ways to add value and help them bring in more customers. Isn't that what you want?

Oh, if you desperately want more of the standard “about me” stuff

  • I grew up in NY, but I currently live in Bloomfield, NJ.
  • I went to MIT initially for Chemical Engineering, and changed to architecture when I realized I needed to be more creative while problem solving.
  • I’ve been a lead graphic and web designer, a project manager and producer for major web sites and companies. I learned a lot, but I needed to help people more.
  • I have an incredibly supportive wife and a little girl who controls my every move… and knows it too.