Wake Forest / Raleigh NC Commercial Light Painting Images

For the "Truly Stand-Out, Separate Us From Everyone Else" Marketing

When you want your potential clients' jaws to drop, get the best.

Combining the expertise of hand-painted lighting artistry with your brand, we create one-of-a-kind images that you will use everywhere, and excited to do so. Make your office building stand out at sunset, make your interiors more welcoming, show the details and textures in your food or other products that people might miss otherwise with custom light painted images.

Keep in mind that a lot of time goes into creating each image, and we welcome you to watch how it's made. We then go back to the studio to combine all those photos you saw created into a single, remarkable "hero image" to use in the forefront of all your marketing.

Commercial Light Painting Photography Pricing

Light painting is commissioned artwork as it can take up to 4 hrs to complete on site per item, so please request a consultation on if it's a half day or full day rate, if it's multiple items. It's an elite package for our more discerning clients.

Pricing Notes: All images are created with the intent to be licensed to your business for your own local promotional and commercial usage, such as print and online marketing. Copyright, as stated under Federal Law, is retained by the this studio/creator. If you need a full copyright buyout or require larger regional or national commercial usage, please inquire as to the extra fees. We use the fotoQuote commercial standard to determine fair market rates.

Service Name
Half Day/Full Day

This is based on whether we are doing a day's worth of products or single pieces. Estimate is giving based on the consultation.

Creative Fee + Licensing

Standard for half-day and full-day creative time for a single professional photographer on-site. Other areas may have additional fees. Includes all basic local printing and online commercial usage for small businesses. As noted above, inquire for additional usage, such larger scale regional or national usage, etc. Please request more information.

Printed Products
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A full pricing menu is available for printed versions of your luxury cars, full menu, office architecture and more. We highly suggest our metal prints for the frameless bold look.

Hair and Make-up
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If you plan to have yourself or team & staff in the photo and would like make-up, please contact us for rates.

More Information

If you're not sure what would work best for your needs, please Contact Us for more information.

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