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Images Sell Your Product or Service. Don't Skimp on that Impression.

Homemade chocolate product photo for use on sales pages

Sometimes you need a wide variety of your products for a clean look for your sales pages. This is one of nearly a hundred homemade chocolates photographed for a Hoboken NJ chocolatier's site I also created.

How does photography help my business?

Most businesses say the same thing. "Who needs photos? I can do that myself!" Your clients probably say the same thing: "I don't need a plumber, I can do this or my cousin can", but in the end, we all know what happens. It doesn't work out. Awful photos imply awful products and awful service. You are a professional, and you need to look professional. You need to create that desire.

Image is everything. Your products and services matter.

You take a lot of pride in your work, and it shows... if you get the person in the door. Customers are quick to judge, and if your images look shoddy, they assume your work is too. Think about how appetizing food looks in advetisements. You're not tricking them, you want to show your best. I will help you do that, and you will grow your business in the process.

This is why I can guarantee my work.

We are going to plan everything out together. Spend hours making sure we have your service photography, or product photography in the best light, no pun intended. I can guarantee you'll love your images or else we will do it again, at no cost to you. Just ask my clients why they work with me for years.

MC2 Booth Design for Rockstar Games at Comic-Con, Jacob Javits

One client's services included booth designs for other companies appearing at conferences, even Comic-Con in NY. This was created using a combination of images to create the bold colors needed for Rockstar Games' booth.

What can I plan on investing for my business?

This will depend on how many locations, how many products, and if complicated setups are required. I quote you like any service based on your needs, but half days start at $1200 and full days $2000. Keep in mind, if you use me for web site and others services, it will save you money as I create custom packages for you to save on this.

Feel free to call me at 973 307 0278 to discuss what type of services you’re looking for so we can meet and I can provide you with an accurate quote. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.

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