NJ-Based Corporate Event Photography

Enjoy Your Event Knowing I Have You Covered.

Combining video and photography for a corporate event in New York City to produce a slideshow video for marketing purposes.

Why should I be picky about my event coverage?

Just as with all my services, there is a lot of planning ahead of time with you to make sure the event is covered correctly. You don't want someone to show up, just guess at who or what is important, and leave without knowing what your goals were. I discuss with you who the point person is, what aspects you want to cover (certain speeches, certain toasts), who should be featured, and more since you'll most likely be using this for internal and/or external promotions. Planning is everything.

A combination of photography and videography

While I believe photography is more versatile for your promotional event needs, as you can use it in print and web, I do offer a combination of videography and photography as well. You'll be able to promote it on all your social media channels, and if you need even more video, a dedicated person will be provided.

What can I plan on investing for my business?

I'm the official photographer for the annual Party With Purpose Hoboken 5K and Jersey City 5K and love bringing in new ideas for their events.

This will depend on how many locations, length of time for both travel and event, and more. I quote you like any service based on your needs, but half days start at $1200 and full days $2000 before any additional expenses required, such as travel to New York other other areas in the Tri-State.

Feel free to call me at 973 307 0278 to discuss what type of services you’re looking for so we can meet and I can provide you with an accurate quote. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.

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