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Your Image is Your First Impression. Get It Right.

Portrait of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Taking a work break for a portrait, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Why choose a photographer for your headshot/portrait?

In most businesses, especially small business, you are the face and the brand of your business. It is imporant that you look your best, since we, as consumers, are comparing services all the time. You can leave this up to you trying to take a photo yourself, but wouldn't you want a professional to give you a professional image?

But I (want/don't want) that typical executive look.

Each business is different, and the image you are trying to convey is unique to your own business. We will discuss what would work best for you, such as you working on site if you're in the service industry, or getting your team behind you if you manage a business with many employees. I will help you nail down that look that represents you and your team.

This is why I can guarantee my work.

We are going to plan everything out together. We will discuss location, clothing, and props that are needed to work for your specific needs. I can guarantee you'll love your images or else we will do it again, at no cost to you. Just ask my clients why they work with me for years.

What can I plan on investing for my business?

While I have standard rates for my business, I run into custom work that requires more time and equipment, larger numbers of staff, while some others may be simpler. Cookie-cutter prices usually mean cookie-cutter service, and I avoid that.

Feel free to call me at 973 307 0278 to discuss what type of services you’re looking for so we can meet and I can provide you with an accurate quote. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.

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