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NY-based classic VW restoration site based on Wordpress

Not your typical site. A New York-based father and son VW bug restoration shop who wanted a vintage, home-made look to appeal to visitors. With training on updating and SEO, they have risen to be a top restorer nationally.

Are you still attached to "my website is not that important, it just needs to be be there!"?

Even today, many businesses look at their site like a phone book ad, thinking they just need to appear in a search engine. They slap it together just because they feel they need to. Your online presence is just as important as your storefront, even more so. When you neglect your site, search engines find you less relevant. Sites are organic and must be treated as such. People are searching for information on their phones and make split decisions on businesses from your site and it makes no sense for you to be found as result #78 in their search. You may be found by referrals, but if that well dries, you're already behind. Why would would you throw that opportunity away?

I have 15+ years design and branding experience.

I come with a perfectly combined background of technology and art from MIT. From there, my experience has not just been as a graphic designer, but as a user interface designer, and then onto a product manager leading the design, build, and manage the overall experience. I have helped create the ideal flow for your clients to reach the end goal, ranging from sites with mostly local business, to ones with a national presence with over 40-60 million visits per month. In each case, it's the same thing. Get your viewier to get what they want, and quickly, and in style.

Multi-million dollar construction investment company catering to foreign clients

Multi-million dollar construction investment company catering to foriegn clients who enjoy a lot of imagery, interaction on investment pages.

How are my services different?

I spend a lot of time with you early on to find out more about your business, where you've been, what you do, and what you want to do. Others will just stick you into some pre-designed template to cut corners and fit you into a mold you don't belong in. They just jump on latest trends in styles and colors, even if you shouldn't blend, but rather stand out to your visitors. When you created your business, did you just rent any space and pick any service to design your space? No. We work together from start to finish, and the site is built so you can do your standard updates and only come back to me for more difficult tasks. I have no interest in minor updates to nickel and dime you. This is your site.

What can I plan on investing for my business?

Websites are custom work that require a lot of planning, just like creating a blueprint for a construction project. I even offer packages if you need commercial product and services photography as well. I don't have the overhead of a $20,000 firm, but I will say that websites alone typically start at $3000 and go up from there depending on things additional needs like ecommerce functionality, photography, etc.

Feel free to call me at 973 307 0278 to discuss what type of services you’re looking for so we can meet and I can provide you with an accurate quote. If you are unable to call, or prefer to use email, please fill out the contact form.

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