What is Personal Branding Photography?

Different Advertising Channels Require Different Branding Images

Various looks for different purposes: formal, casual, etc.

Many times, a client will inquire about a “quick headshot.” As we start to discuss all their marketing needs, we find out they might need more than that.

Why? A headshot is just the circle or square that appears on these social media sites. They’re not an all-encompassing of everything you and your brand is about, the messaging you’re putting out there, and how you want potential clients to feel when they hear your business name.

Enter Personal Branding.

YOU are your brand

As a business owner, we become the face of our businesses pretty quickly. In a small business, it’s even harder to separate the company from the owner. People stop referring to your business name, and refer you when referring: “I know someone. Call so-and-so and he/she will take care of you.” The person pulls out their phone, finds you on social media, on your site, and digs into to whom they want to do business with. The person, not the company.

Are your images ready for that first impression, and then diving into that deeper research into who you are and what you stand for? Can people tell what you do from the photos quickly?

Personal Branding Example #1

Don Anfuso is a mortgage broker who was already very active on social media. In sharing mortgage tips, he wanted to be in the posts themselves so potential clients know you are getting him, the mortgage expert, when you call. A headshot turned into various poses of sharing helpful tips, frustration with common mistakes, and other images that would be used with all types of potential posts. Don drove home that he is your mortgage professional… for life.

Personal Branding Example #2

Venera is a health coach helping people make healthier lifestyle choices. While a simple headshot would be enough for a Facebook profile, I worked with her to show off her actual coaching environment. She sits with clients, offers tea, lights a candle, rolls her sleeve up, and dives in. She’s incredibly approachable and a headshot wouldn’t fully scream “coach.” We created a little library of personal branding images in a natural outdoor environment as well. This extended to potential clients what her personal brand is about, quickly through imagery.

What is your personal brand about?

Headshots are great. Get them done to look professional as soon as you can to make the right impression. But when you’re looking to raise your brand to the next level, we can help. Some other reasons include:

  • Formal photos for LinkedIn and potential speaking engagements
  • Casual photos for Facebook
  • Environmental portraits for cover photos and print ads
  • Action photos with clients and more

Think your business is ready?

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