Your Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the Typical Photography Inquiries I Receive, Answered Below

  • Which headshot session is right for only me?

    If you need a quick update, the VIP could be right for you. The others are based more about the various looks you'll need for all times of personal marketing and brand management. You actually may not know that answer, which is why contacting us is probably your best option. Just consider that Facebook typically has a more casual look, LinkedIn, speaking engagements, and others may need a different more business-like look. Maybe you have glasses, but want one with and without. You may want to be in all your social media content, have different backgrounds and need a ton of images which is our Personal Branding option. There are so many reasons, so please reach out to discuss today.

  • Do I need hair and make-up?

    For most women, yes, getting your hair and make-up professionally done. Make-up experts know how to prepare you for a photo session than say a wedding. Details like SPF can actually hurt your photos. We use professional hair and make-up artists and our clients rave about them.

  • Do you only work/photograph in North Carolina?

    While the studio is local to Wake Forest, we have clients nationally, do not hesitate to contact me about other areas (NYC, Boston, etc) to inquire for additional scheduling and fees.

  • Can I just stop in or set up a headshot session for today?

    All sessions are by appointment only in order to plan everything out, the look you want, if I need to get my hair and makeup artist on site. Feel free to contact me to see what I have open.

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