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Bold Imagery for Better Branding

Capture your potential customer's attention with custom images, and keep it.

People do business with people they trust, and nowadays, customers see through a facade. Nothing says fake like stock images on a site saying all your products, your people, and your facilities are genuine. Instead, let's create impressive images that become your own genuine stock for use in all your print and online marketing needs.

Whatever you need, my studio has most likely tackled it. You want to show off your food, your interiors and great architecture, your people-centric services, your before / after repairs, and more. This is the time to show everyone what you do best through incredible images.

For the most unique imagery to set your business apart, check out light painting photography.

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Commercial Photography Pricing

Commercial photography pricing is broken into creative rates (half or full day rates) PLUS basic commercial licensing fees. You have additional options, such as custom digital editing and manipulation, upon request at per image or day rates depending on scope. Dedicated projects such as lightpainting are quoted separately.

Pricing Notes: Copyright, as stated under Federal Law, is retained by the this studio/creator. If you need a full copyright buyout or require larger regional or national commercial usage, please inquire as to the extra fees. We use the fotoQuote commercial standard to determine fair market rates.

This pricing accounts for most small businessess with simple setups. Please contact us for a custom quote. All images are created with the intent to be licensed to your business for your own local promotional and commercial usage, such as print and online marketing.

Service Name
Half Day/Full Day

Half day is considered 4 hours of consecutive shooting time, and full day is considered 8 consecutive hrs in the same day.

Creative Fee

Standard for half-day and full-day creative time for a single professional photographer on-site. Please see Add-On below for a special offer for combining headshot sessions with commercial sessions.

Basic Image Usage License

Includes all basic local printing and online commercial usage for small businesses. As noted above, inquire for additional usage, such larger scale regional or national usage, etc.

On-Site Image Selection

If you'd like to speed up the selection process to move to post-production, you can opt for on-site selection.

Rush Delivery

Same Business Day

Digital Manipulation

Removal of objects, replacing skies and backgrounds, extra facial editing, as well as more complex creations including compositing. Custom quotes available.

Hair and Make-up
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Please inquire for larger groups and faster touch-up rates.

NEW: Commercial Mini Add-on: 850 Total

This is only available when used in conjunction with on-site business headshots. Sometimes you need a couple hours worth of additional marketing photography with your team, services, and products after we complete the headshots. We can do that.

Creative Fee: <2 Hrs

Any time beyond 2 hours will upgrade to the half-day and then full-day packages accordingly.

Basic Image Usage License

Includes all basic local printing and online commercial usage for small businesses. As noted above, inquire for additional usage, such larger scale regional or national usage, etc.

More Information

If you're not sure what would work best for your needs, please Contact Us for more information.

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Commercial Photography - Interior Architeture StateFarm
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Commercial Composite Photography - Boy on Horse