NJ Team & Staff Headshots

Brand Consistency Sticks. Brand Inconsistency Sticks Out... and Hurts.

Small team? Large team? Huge event? Let us help with consistent headshots.

Team and Staff Headshots Composite - Doctor Office - All Star Pediatrics

We all do it, we go through a company's site, their profiles, to see who is in charge, and who is someone we're probably speaking with. Sadly, when the photos aren't quality, all have different looks, lights, and look slapped together, we wonder if the service isn't going to be polished as well.

Now's the time to update your business with photos of all your teams, from the executives to managers to support staff to sales and beyond. We get your team excited for photos and smiling so that your potential customers immediately smile back on your site.

Are you looking to host an event for your company to get leads? Check out High Volume and Event Headshots below on ways we can help draw attention to your booth. Is it a convention for your own employees instead? Same deal!

• Have you not updated your team photos because you're afraid of turnover or new hires? Check out our composite solution. We photograph your team separately, combine it afterward, and can pull out or add anyone quickly for a new team photo. No longer do you worry that your team photo is incredibly out of date.

• We make everyone comfortable. You don't model for a living (unless you do, and even then...), so we make sure we get a real, comfortable you in the shortest amount of time. Your staff will most likely say, "that's it?" when we're done and nail it.

• We can handle just about any number you have, and can help you sort, organize and distribute if needed.

• We work to make you look good. So at events, we push ourselves as part of your work team in getting the job done and promoting you as a strong brand, whether to your own employees or to other event attendees.

Team and Group Headshot Sessions

4-9 people

Please set aside 60 minutes of shooting time.

10-19 people

Please set aside 120 minutes of shooting time.

20-25 people

Please set aside 150 minutes of shooting time.

25+ people
Contact Us

For teams of much larger sizes above 25, a custom quote may be required to receive volume group pricing. Please contact us for more information.

On-Location Fee

Standard for Northern NJ, inquire for larger distances or NYC.

Some Optional Add-Ons & Retouching

Team Composite

THE way to photograph your team and staff if you are concerned with turnover. Each person is photographed individually and combined in post-production to look like they are next to each other. If someone leaves, we simply remove them from the old image and charge you an updated image price of $75 for the new image. If you add new team members, we can photograph just those new members and add them in at headshot cost + updated team image price of $75. No need to photograph your entire staff again for any changes! Note: Please request this before any photography takes place to prep accordingly.

Extra Backgrounds
40/ea, 100/3, 300/10

Consider additional color and digital background style options for your marketing added to your final images in post-production.

Extra Retouching
40/ea, 100/3, 300/10

Your photos come with typical retouching of blemishes and fly-away hairs. If you require or request more, this is an additional fee. Inquire for 10+ images.

Hair and Make-up
Contact Us

Paid directly to the HMUA. Please inquire for larger groups and faster touch-up rates.

High-Volume & Event Headshots

Looking to draw attention to your tradeshow booth as a vendor or sponsor? We can help you create a headshot station that can draw the attendees over, help you get the foot traffic you need, and come home with the leads you're hoping for. Are you having a large internal conference with all of your offices in a single location, and need to display your workforce? Let's create some strong, consistent images so you can proudly display your national team's diversity.

Pricing is displayed below as half day (4 consecutive hours) / full day (8 consecutive hours). A single headshot station can accommodate about 20 headshots per hour. Call or email to discuss your event.

Service Name
Half Day/Full Day
Per Headshot Station

Creative fee for each photographer station time. See usage below for other mandatory copyright and licensing fees.

Basic Image Usage License

Mandatory copyright usage and licensing agreement for all images. Price is half / full day of photographing.

Instant Delivery System

If you want to make things easier for, we can provide staff with the hardware and software to walk each person through the selection process immediately after they are photographed to be sent to the attendees email address. Email can be custom branded.

Basic Retouching

Your budget may allow for basic retouching of blemishes, shine, darker wrinkles, and fly-away hairs. If you require or request more, this is an additional fee.

File Organization

If you'd like us to provide you with all of the chosen images, organized by last name alphabetically rather than you figuring it all out for yourself later, we can do that. This way, you have match up the file name to the contact information for distribution.

Gallery Hosting
750/90 days

If you'd like to give your attendees access to the photos to download at their leisure, an online gallery can be hosted by us for them. The gallery can be branded with your information or that of a sponsor at no extra charge.

On-Location Fee

Standard for Northern NJ, inquire for larger distances or NYC.

More Information

If you're not sure what would work best for your needs, please Contact Us or visit the Headshots FAQ page for more information.

Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information. Contact Us Today
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