Wake Forest / Raleigh NC Team & Staff Headshots

Brand Consistency Sticks. Brand Inconsistency Sticks Out... Painfully.

Quality team headshots, and no fear of turnover.

Team and Staff Headshots Composite - Doctor Office - All Star Pediatrics

We all do it, we go through a company's site, their profiles, to see who is in charge, and who is someone we're probably speaking with. Sadly, when the photos aren't quality, all have different looks, lights, and look slapped together, we wonder if the service isn't going to be polished as well.

Are you afraid of turnover for your team photos? Check out our composite solution. We photograph your team separately, combine it afterward, and can pull out or add anyone quickly for a new team photo. Your team photo is never out of date.

• We make everyone comfortable. You don't model for a living, so we make sure we get the real and comfortable you in the shortest amount of time. Your staff will be surprised at how quickly we're done and nail the photo.

• We can handle just about any number you have, and can help you sort, organize and distribute if needed.

Team and Group Headshot Sessions

Team photos are billed by tier. Your first 4-9 team members are billed at $200, the next 10-19 are billed at $175, and so on.

4-9 people

Please set aside 60 minutes of shooting time.

10-19 people

Please set aside 120 minutes of shooting time.

20-29 people

Please set aside 150 minutes of shooting time.

30+ people
Contact Us

For teams of much larger sizes above 30, a custom quote may be required to receive volume group pricing. Please contact us for more information.

On-Location Fee

Standard for Wake Forest & Raleigh, inquire for larger distances.

Some Optional Add-Ons & Retouching

Team Composite

THE way to photograph your team and staff if you are concerned with turnover. Each person is photographed individually and combined in post-production to look like they are next to each other. If someone leaves, we simply remove them from the old image and charge you an updated image price of $125 for the new image. If you add new team members, we can photograph just those new members and add them in at headshot cost + updated team image price of $125. No need to photograph your entire staff again for any changes! Note: Please request this before any photography takes place to prep accordingly.

We offer plenty of other extras retouching solutions, with full pricing available after contact.

  • Extra Backgrounds (Alternate colors and/or virtual locations)
  • Extra Retouching
  • Hair and Make-up

High-Volume & Event Headshots

If you have more than 25 employees, or are a vendor interested in using headshots to attact people to your booth, please visit the High Volume and Event Headshots page.

More Information

If you're not sure what would work best for your needs, please Contact Us or visit the Headshots FAQ page for more information.

Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information. Contact Us Today
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