Marketing Photography: Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge

Creating a Marketing Photography and Library for All Advertising Channels

Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge in Wake Forest was new to the area and need to promote their variety of services. With a unique location in The Factory, Sam and Anna needed to show all they offered to bring in more traffic to their set of 3 active virtual sports bays and bar. Cell phone photos and empty room photos provided the main marketing photography at the time.

Unfortunately, attempts at group and active customer photos did not pan out to their liking, and so they met with me. Having an indie film background, I explained that it would not be a problem to coordinate groups of people throughout a single scene for each marketing image.

Solving The Problem:

As with all my clients, we worked together to nail down every service and product to advertise, to use with every marketing channel, such as social media, the main website, print, and more. Firstly, this creates the completely shot list for a full marketing photography library for the session date. Secondly, this allowed us to plan for the number of people/regulars needed in each photo. For example, we aimed to promote the following:

  • Large multi-bay hero images for the web site
  • Corporate events/parties
  • “Girls’ Night Out”
  • “Guys’ Night Out”
  • The virtual golf bays in action
  • The large sports bar with patrons
  • Other virtual games besides golf in the bays, especially for children
  • Friends drinking and having fun

This was completed in a corporate marketing photography half-day package. A big thank you to Anna and Sam for working with me to help market their dream.

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